Maternity Services

The Maternity administrations group at Shakuntala Women's Hospital is focused on giving protected, speedy and impartial consideration to mothers and their families. This dedication is to both in normal cases and for mothers with known danger variables at booking, or the individuals who create complexities in pregnancy. We urge mothers to get to maternity administrations as ahead of schedule as could be expected under the circumstances in pregnancy, as the proof proposes that early access to maternity administrations can enhance the positive outcomes for mothers and their babies.

Normal Delivery

From onset of labor pains the first time pregnant mother (primigravida) should deliver within 24 hours and the mother delivering for the second or third time (multigravida) should deliver in 12 hours.

Instrumental Delivery

Forceps are instruments intended to help in the conveyance of the baby by applying the forceps blades to the fetal head & assisting the laboring mother to cut short the 2nd stage of labour. For the most part, forceps comprise of 2 mirror picture metal instruments that are applied to support the fetal head after confirming proper application the Obstetrician applies optimim pressure in optimum direction to facilitate the delivery of the fetal head followed by removal of the blades & delivery of the baby.

Cesarean section(C-section)

A Cesarean section (C-section) is a surgery to deliver a baby. Most C-section are done when sudden complications occur during delivery, which endanger the life of the mother and the baby. These include :
-Wellbeing issues in the mother
-The position of the child
-Insufficient space for the child in the birth canal
-Indications of fetal ill health