Maternal-Fetal medicine center

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Centers offers a comprehensive range of personalized high-risk obstetrical care and fetal diagnosis and treatment services for women who are referred to the center sites by their primary health care provider with special medical and obstetrical conditions.

Conditions we treat
Our physicians provide care for many medical conditions including the following:
- Diabetes
- High-risk pregnancies
- Hypertension (high blood pressure)
- Infectious diseases
- Renal disease
- Multiple gestation
- Prenatal genetic conditions
- Preterm labor
- Prior pregnancy loss
- Prior stillbirth

Our physicians offer a comprehensive array of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and consultation including:
- Nuchal Transluncency Scan & Double Marker Test - between 11 to 14 weeks
- Quadruple Marker Test between 15 to 20 weeks
- Anomaly Scan at 18 to 20 weeks