Sanskars are inculcating good qualities

What are Sanskars?

Sanskars are inculcating good qualities .Self transformation process can be initiated at different functional levels of the soul…. i.e mind ,intellect , karma and sanskar. As each of these centers are unique and specific, the time of approach definitely has a significant effect. It is in the womb that the fetus is ready to learn as early as 10-12 weeks. Thus By conducting Garbhasanskar you catch the babies as soon as possible. This helps to bring in successful citizens of tomorrow's India. Humanity is the religion.

Definition of good and bad sanskar?

Our Satyugi Sanskars and the seven innate qualities of the self are all good Sanskars.
Whichever sanskar initiates positive , beneficial and righteous actions and makes oneself feel ‘good’ ‘happy’,contended from the core of the heart and conscience are good Sanskars. Sanskars that provide true happiness to others are good Sanskars.
A strong desire to change that, particular sanskar is needed from heart .The soul should be ready to pay any amount of efforts needed to bring in the transformation by noble means.

Why Divine Garbhsanskar is needed for the woman?

In the present world, due to high cost of living and increased female literacy, we are finding more and more working women. Working women have to manage their career and the household equally and without much help in hand.

Along with that now a days as the husband and wife are quite highly talented, they get job apportunities all around the world, and so they have leave their family and have to go and stay away from joint familes. Previously we all were staying in joint families where the elder woman used to guide the pregnant woman, according to the traditional ways. These are always helpful for her and her unborn baby, in a sense they provide Divine Garbhsanskar.

During pregnancy there is a great increase in mental and physical stress. This at times affects the woman’s health and she cannot adequately take care of herself due to constraint of time. Since her career is also a priority the proper care of her during pregnancy takes a back seat and many a times she lands up with some complications which are definitely on the rise due to above reasons.

There is increased tendency towards late night parties, smoking and alcohol. This gives rise to adverse effects on the mother and the foetus. To add to the problems, exercise level is also very low and jobs mainly involve sitting for a loger time and fast food consumption is like adding fuel to fire. All this leads to increase in complications in pregnant woman.

To control all this , Divine Garbhsanskar is the best way to prepare a pregnant lady , a mother-to-be, and her baby , the best possible start by providing right conditions for the baby. As the developing baby is entirely dependent on the mother for nourishment and protection, a woman’s lifestyle can affect the health of her future baby. It is wise for the woman to alter her lifestyle, to eliminate the bad habits and to have good, healthy and well managed life style.